Mario M. Muller
The Gang - A Suite of Five Pigment Prints

The Gang - A Suite of Five Pigment Prints

The Gang Suite, 2016 is the third print publication of Muller’s iconographic images of Shadows and Silhouettes of pedestrians in an urban setting after the extremely successful Nowruz of 2014 and The November Suite of 2015 . Known for his use of India Ink in his unique paintings of similar subject matter, Muller has chosen to eschew the crisp lines of definetion for the softer gestures of approximation. Brushstrokes allude to body language and gait of these urban dwellers. Improvisational marks and pools of translucent washes coalese to define form rather than feature. Faces are never seen but identity and personality are in abundance.
Each image is printed on a separate sheet of paper measuring 17 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Image height is a consistent 13 inches while image width varies from 5 to 7.5 inches.
Each Pigment Print on 100% Archival Rag Paper (German Etching by Hahnemühle) is limited to an edition of 35.
Each print is signed, titled and number on recto in pencil by the artist.
Individual prints are available for $600 each. Click here. 
The Artist has nicknamed each central figure: from left to right the names are James, Vinny, Lauren, Charlotte and Jack.
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